EasyCounter, the innovative easy-to-install In-Store Analytics Wi-Fi / 4G solution


BS4, a company of the Sowre Group, has launched its latest product: EasyCounter.

In the world of retail, analyzing store performance data is critical. There are several solutions on the market that analyze the turnout and behavior of customers in store areas but which create strong organizational impacts and high investments for sensor wiring.

Thanks to the experience of over ten years serving customers of primary importance in the Fashion and Retail sectors, BS4 has created the "EasyCounter" solution based on an intelligent sensor with 4G / Wi-Fi connectivity, whose goal is to guarantee In -store Analytics more and more accurate reducing project costs.


The advantages of EasyCounter:

  • Eliminate wiring costs
  • Use the Wi-Fi networks available in stores or take advantage of 4G connectivity
  • Avoid invasive work in shops that are already operational
  • Reduce installation times
  • Easily place multiple sensors in the areas of interest of the store


EasyCounter: artificial intelligence and innovative features

Despite its small size, the EasyCounter sensor performs sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms in real time, which allow for example to:

  • count the transits of people
  • estimate gender and age range
  • exclude employee steps
  • know the privileged routes
  • measure the average duration of visits
  • calculate the number of people present at the same time inside
  • understand if customers enter individually or in groups (couples, families, ...)
  • identify the buying units, in order to obtain even more reliable conversion rates.


A single sensor, many different use scenarios:

  • Customer paths within the store
  • External traffic analysis and shop window attractiveness
  • Evaluation of product engagement
  • Personalized digital signage based on the target
  • Real-time monitoring of the occupancy level of a room or building


KPIs and data-driven decisions, the BI platform and data scientist support

The information collected by EasyCounter is integrated into the BI platform developed by BS4, based on Microsoft Power BI technology. The intuitive dashboard allows you to view prepared reports, created on the basis of the specific experiences of the various customers who use the solution.

BS4 can also assist the customer to integrate information into their BI systems and develop customized analyzes to identify KPIs and critical issues with the aim of improving the performance of their stores.

EasyCounter for outdoor

EasyCounter also includes an outdoor sensor, certified waterproof (IP67), ideal for Smart Cities contexts.
Using Wi-Fi or 4G, it is possible to place devices wherever there is electricity and apply the logic of In-Store Analytics to streets, squares or entire districts. Monitoring the flows of people in real time, reporting anomalous situations, certifying the pedestrian traffic of spaces, quoting rents and advertisements based on transits and forecasts, measuring vehicles passing through ... these are just some examples of the potential that EasyCounter offers in a urban context.


EasyCounter is GDPR compliant

Like all BS4 products, EasyCounter has been developed according to the principles of privacy by design: it does not process personal data but only anonymous statistical data. Thanks to this feature, EasyCounter has been certified according to the EU GDPR regulations (EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2012).




Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bs4-sa/