HCL Connections intelligent digital workplace
delivers a collaboration experience that increases
employee engagement and productivity

HCL Connections

The nature of our work and the tools we work with are constantly evolving:

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is becoming both more essential and even more difficult.


Environments must be agile and adapt to unexpected business needs; invest for future needs, don't get stuck in the past.

Produce more with less

Every interaction, conversation and company resource can generate valuable information, which is currently unused

The adoption of HCL Connections to extend the potential of the Intranet and allow forms of collaboration with the tools of an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) platform:
  • Blogs, Forums, Wiki, Profiles, Activities, Communities
A platform focused on people and their network,
to unlock ideas and promote transparency and innovation
Results focused on individual productivity, organized across teams,
standardizing processes and leveraging human workstream collaboration
Wiki, Files and Communities support the training processes of employees and intermediaries.

Activities provide templates for projects.

Moderated forums and blogs allow competent employees or partners to enrich their knowledge on processes, regulations etc.
Moderation guarantees content control.

Per chi

  • Secure file sharing
  • Project & Product Management
  • Communication Progress & Problems
  • Working with Customers and Partners
  • Organization information
  • Project & Product Management & Coordination
  • Advertise Activities
  • Working with Customers and Suppliers
  • Innovation of new processes, procedures, products, ideas
  • Capturing Experience and Knowledge through collaboration
  • Find and support the right skills
  • Front Window Services Department
  • Social learning
  • Processes and Documents Standardization
  • Staff management on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Corporate intranet with social capabilities

Beyond Emails to collaborate with Partners

Emails do not provide metrics on communication effectiveness.
Connections natively provides the necessary tools.
  • Was the message convincing?
  • Did the recipient understand the information shared?
  • Even simple click-through metrics can be difficult to achieve in large companies
  • Does the recipient need more information?

Connections provides platform usage metrics and gives indications on the effectiveness of communication

The Power of Social

Communications that leverage internal social tools offer opportunities for additional engagement, feedback mechanisms, and even monitoring

Multichannel and Mobile

HCL Connections provides access to mobile applications natively.

Sowre has experience in developing native applications in several fields.