IBM Offering

IBM Cloud offers a public cloud platform for business
covering the different IaaS, Paas and SaaS patterns
and providing the flexibility of hybrid cloud solutions

Top Power VS use cases

Dev/Test AIX, IBM e Red Hat OpenShift containers in Public Cloud
Run Enterprise Applications with Powerful Cloud: (Oracle, DB2, JDE, JDA, EPIC PoC, Peoplesoft)
Disaster Recovery
High Availability

Ibm Cloud Solutions

IBM Cloud solutions can help your organization with the following:
  • Modernize existing applications
  • Build and scale cloud native applications
  • Migrate existing on-premises workloads to the cloud
  • Speed up software and service delivery with DevOps
  • Integrate applications and data across multiple clouds

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

IBM has the most experience in Power Systems, second to none in the industry.
IBM is the only cloud providing IBM Power Systems Virtual Server, which is collocated and connected with more than 190 IBM Cloud® services that enable integration with your IBM AIX® and IBM i capabilities.

This solution simplifies the Power experience and accelerates time to value.
This means you get fast, self-service provisioning, flexible management both on and off-site, and access to a stack of enterprise IBM Cloud services, all with pay-as-you-go billing that allows you to easily scale and expand.
IBM is selling the IBM Systems Power Virtual Server "LPAR as a Service" (PN 6950-27G) or IBM Cloud Native subscription.
React to change, reduce costs, improve resilience and enhance the digital transformation journey to the IBM public cloud

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