Teams Power Automate

Application that takes advantage of the integration
of Microsoft Teams with Power Automate

Process flow

With Power Automate, you can create flows that automate repetitive work tasks and trigger them directly from Microsoft Teams data.

  • Power Automate listens on a Teams channel
  • When a user activates the flow with a specific command, he processes the request
  • With the https protocol it sends a call to the Content Manager where it authenticates and makes a request
  • The flow will respond privately to the user from the document system, initiating an interaction that allows the user to trigger other events.
    In the case presented, he can send documents via email, download files and trigger events to the backend system, for example approval or rejection of a certain process step

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Automate is part of Microsoft's Power Pattform and is a nocode platform in Azure, in which process steps are processed and services external to Azure are consumed.
In the case of the demo with http connector, to connect an appropriate service on CM.


  • MS suite native communication
  • Authentication to the https service layer via OpenId connect (or other protocols supported by websphere) with functional user
  • Detach a token to use for subsequent interactions