Liferay application with front end of ReactJs libraries
Multilingual solution supporting the Chinese language
Integration with Sap and Microsoft Azure

Sowre Team Web&Cloud

  • Experience in Java Enterprise and Cloud technologies
  • UX / UI development design back end backend and Javascript front end
  • Operazioni database relazionali (Ms Sql, Ibm Db2, Mysql) e NoSql(mongoDB,Cloudant), JEE application servers (Webshere,Tomcat, Jboss) e portali (Hcl/Ibm and Liferay)


  • Lotus Notes Decommissioning: implementation of development governance and guidelines on Confluence for Liferay and support for guidelines on SAG.
    SAG KG developers training support
  • System governance procedures for Liferay and Sag: backup and restore strategies, logging, support for security assessment
  • Devops for SAG procedures. Definition of Hotfix Scenarios - Bugfixes
  • Liferay DevOps scenarios and on premise / cloud documentation

DevOps & System

  • Kerberos SSO on Liferay - Microsoft IIS based on customer guidelines.
    Feasibility for migration to Vidm for Multifactor Authentication.
    SSO feasibility for Sag AgileApps and integration with Liferay
  • Setup and configuration for Sag AgileApps Mysql.
    High availability of procedures.
    Support fixes
  • Open stream su Liferay per monitor e rafforzamento infrastruttura: Analytics, log, backup&recovery, upgrade, Techical debt
  • Open steam to build DevOps pipelines in Liferay