Social & Collaboration Solutions

ICEC Solution, IBM Connections Engagement Center

Intranet collaboration immediately ready, safe and fast

The ICEC solution, based on IBM Connections, the leading collaboration platform, enables a fast, secure, and fast start-up of a collaborative intranet ready for use. To manage and improve all collaboration processes within your business, while ensuring the most complete security of all processes and managed information.
Collaborators can work in the most modern and productive way, knowledge distribution is simplified and speeded up, but is always under company control.

FaStart Portal Architecture

The portal immediately productive thanks to the architecture of FastStart quick starter

Architecture Quick Start costituta from templates and pre-configured elements ready to be configured to measure. Thanks to Sowre with Portal Fast Start is possible to introduce the portal in a rapid and time individually cut result: the company now benefits from the versatility and capabilities of the portal, opening the Web 2.0 world with immediate productivity, tangible benefits, ROI maximized.

Web applications ready for use:


For the management of the client relationship highly customizable.
Can be integrated with management systems, it uses the database.
It manages communication campaigns, tracking each activity.


It manages the production sharing contractors advancement.
With planning module for planning of workloads on subcontractors and for the management of production advances.


For the management of returns, for agents, distributors and customer services.
It integrates with management to automate the generation of credit notes.
With Web services for the withdrawal of reservation commodity and to track the delivery status.


It allows the web acquisition of customized orders (b.p. by fashion companies).
Can be integrated with management systems, it uses the database.
The system can be configured to provide real-time customer the expected dates of delivery of his order to measure.

Portlet rady to use:

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