K-Archive is a solution for archiving and storing documents in electronic form only.

K-Archive allows the Customer to archive relevant business documents (fiscal and legal documents) in an electronic-only format: no further paper-based document support is required.
The documents managed with K-Archive have the same legal value as paper documents, the integrity of the content can be demonstrated, and thanks to the timestamp, the documents have in addition a precise time reference.

K-Archive is offered as full service in Cloud.

K-Archive: electronic-only document archiving compliant to Swiss rules

K-Archive The proposal
K-Archive enables the archiving of corporate documents in electronic-only mode in full compliance with the regulatory framework of Swiss laws and international standards.
The customer can effectively get rid of paper archives without any concern from a legal or fiscal point of view.

Distinctive points
The solution works in highly automated mode and maintains documents and data within Switzerland.
Process integrity and consistence are based on official and public credentials provided by Swiss Post.
The solution has been verified and approved by lawyers and leading international consulting firms.


Key advantages

Documents managed with K-Archive
The main documents for which K-Archive is normally used, as a standard, are invoices and accounting books. However, K-Archive can legally archive every type of document (for example contracts, technical specifications, offers, etc.).

K-Archive complies with all Swiss regulations and rules and with all the relevant international standards

The solution is provided in cloud mode. No change to the customer's operating environment is required.

Always in Switzerland
The architecture of the cloud solution used by K-Archive ensures that documents will always be managed within Switzerland and will never move out of the country.

Proven solution
K-Archive is used by many customers, some of them with over 10 years of use. The best guarantee of reliability, security and robust operations.

K-Archive has been verified and approved for use in Switzerland by renowned lawyers and leading consulting firms.

Full scalable
No matter if you have 500 documents or several million documents per year to manage. K-Archive is suitable for companies of all sizes, accompanying them in their growth.

Turnkey full-service

K-Archive K-Archive is s a complete, full-service solution
Once the documents to be processed are extracted by the user (in the first part of the process), all the following operations are carried out by the supplier; only duly authorized supplier’s personnel is used. The extraction process is supported by a specific component and is an easy and widely automated operation; this allows the customer to independently start the archiving processes, according to their business needs and schedules.

Full control
The proposed solution is designed to provide the customer complete traceability. The customer will always have an overview of the process and access to all reports on the operations (so-called 'logs'), in order to be able to control operations. The customer has an explicit audit right, and audit tasks are supported.

Features included

Process Phases

Swiss Cloud
Documents are stored in CH
Documents never leave CH

Customer references
Your best guarantee
Proven solution: K-Archive is used by many customers, some of them with over 10 years of use. The best guarantee of reliability, security and robust operations.
Some example: Alisped, Allianz, Colacem, De cecco, Ducati, Eni, etro, Gascom, Minardo, Metalwork, Moby, Mediaset Premium, Q8, Vodafone, Exquisa; in Switzerland Hupac and Mapei CH.

Legal compliancy - Switzerland