ERP Solutions

Sowre's ERP solution for SMEs

All the functions of an ERP combined with agility and flexibility.
MAP is a new generation system that combines the logic, the functionality and features of an ERP system with the agility and flexibility that businesses require.
Powerful and streamlined, integrated and feature-rich, MAP is an optimal solution for every company that wants to introduce a modern management solution.

MAP verticals

Total flexibility and greater customization of MAP

The special and vertical modules, represent the MAP core extensions and allow the configuration of the MAP solution according to the specific needs of the customer.

Product variants:

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SAP ERP is the art of enterprise solutions and has been for years the undisputed market leader in providing ERP products to large and medium-sized enterprises.
Sowre provides highly specialized consultants to support the complexity of the SAP environment can generate a daily basis, whether you are looking for a full service maintenance whether you have specific needs.
Sowre offers a set of integrated SAP solutions that maximize the efficiency of the solution:

SOM – Smart Order Management

The solution for managing orders and deliveries of distributors and partners

The solution Sowre SOM enables companies with SAP management to offer distributors and business partners an easy and functional web procedure to enter and manage orders and deliveries of their end customers.
Sowre SOM is characterized by large functional benefits: externalizing the operations, the solution is able to optimize organization, processes and flows of orders and deliveries.
Its introduction is fast and easily justifiable in terms of ROI.

WeLoad – Supplier’s Document Management

With We Load solution providers enter documents directly in SAP

The solution that allows suppliers to easily insert the documents relating to the supplies.
The Accounts Payable processes resulting expedited and more efficient.
The company achieves both an improvement in relations with suppliers, both savings and benefits resulting from externalization of entry tasks documents.

d-Search – Document and Transaction Research

Selection, research and flexible access to SAP documents and recordings from a single source dashboard

The solution provides SAP users the convenience of browsing from a single point of access to search and consult documents and records SAP.
Through an appropriate selection of the user mask can determine the amplitude of the desired logical view.
D-Search displays a hierarchical and navigable tree, from which access to documents and records.
D-Search is an ideal complement to a document solution integrated with SAP.


The solution for effective people management

Quality, motivation, efficiency of its employees are the most important success factor for a company.
The effective management of human resources -the 'Human Capital Management' - is therefore one of the most important tasks of management.
The Sowre solution is a fundamental support: it provides all the tools needed to successfully tackle this task. It combines functional completeness, technical excellence and ease of use, for easy and effective management.