Analytics, cognitive intelligence, IoT

Sowre has several years of experience in designing and operating Analytics solutions.
Sowre's consultants focus on the quality and engineering of source data.

The second important aspect of Sowre's work is the security of operational continuity: analytics is available where needed, to the right person, and only to him, exactly when he needs it.
The bridge between the two previous aspects is the custom design of the architecture, using the best components on the market, and the customization of the necessary indicators and reports.

Cognitive analytics

Sowre has followed the new developments in the IBM cognitive platform, Watson, which allows, thanks to built-in intelligence, and cognitive solutions capabilities, to open the world of analytics to all the most advanced features.


Sowre has a special experience in acquiring data from field sensors and making it available to customer analytics applications. To exploit the Internet of Things information available to us and transform it in a veritable business value and advantage.
Sowre is also a BS4 Partner for the IPC (Intelligent People Counter) solution - a solution with unique and distinctive features such as precise counting and profiling, employee exclusion, cash register bills profiling, and so on. More on BS4.