Innovation Highlights

Retail Store Solutions – the POS gets smarter

CHM provides new customer insight – the managers do a smarter job.

CHM -Consumer Heat Maps- is a packaged solution that includes sensors for biometric recognition and analysis software (IBM Cognos and DB2, for data collection, modeling, reporting). It allows the segmentation of consumers (by age, gender, ethnic group) and the flexible measurement of their behavior in the POS (reaction to marketing stimuli, permanence time, purchase rate, etc.)

CHM provides new customer insight, delivering information on:

  • Headcounts [how many customers enter my shop?]

  • Identification of gender, age, ethnic group of a monitored person [who are my potential customers?]

  • Attention capture time (time a customer is attracted by something)

  • Direction of attention (where and what a person is looking at, e.g. in a shop window) [(What are my potential customers doing in my shop ?) ]

  • Conversion rates [(how many customers, once entered, do effectively buy? How really efficient is my shop??]

The information is also segmented by date and time, and provides therewith details about the evolution over time (e.g for the identification of special peaks / slopes). Thanks to the IBM Cognos features, the information is available everywhere, via web, to whoever is authorized, and permits the detailed analysis at the level of the single store or for any aggregated view of more stores. Last, but not least, the information is quickly available, granting immediate insight, with almost no delay.

CHM allows the detailed control of marketing efficiency, permitting improvement, special focus and targeting of marketing investments, maximizing their return.

With CHM the store manager knows the visitor’s figures, their segmentation, their behavior in the store, their interest for certain products, and their reaction to marketing messages.

Furthermore, the Retail Manager can measure the effectiveness of the various stores, not only in terms of sales results, but also in terms of conversion rates, in relation to the number of visitors.

New shopping experience – the POS gets exciting

The innovation principle of this offer is to transform the physical world in a real interface to the virtual one, and simultaneously thinking the virtual world as a continuation of the sensory experience of the real world.

So here is the Shopping Intelligence, that is, the learning store, which knows what's going on inside itself, and is able to adapt to the needs of those who enter (the CHM solution above); the Augmented Reality, that is, the ability to put inside the shop window or the store much more than what we can see, an invisible world which appears only when needed thanks to the magic of augmented reality technology; the Shop Assistance, that is, the capacity to supply the store and its employees with a range of tools that can improve considerably the operation efficiency, with a view to customer service; and last but not least, the Smarter Signage, that is, the custom in-store communication and interaction with the ability to recognize the type of client, in full respect of privacy constraint. The interaction can be even at the single customer level, provided, he granted all the necessary permissions.

Thus, in addition to Sowre’s great expertise in the Retail Market and IBM’s expertise in technology that IBM has developed in more than a century of existence, there is now an ever deeper knowledge in such a world of image and quality that is Retail, which represents one of the most important industries worldwide. Thanks to this convergence and the contribution of a number of partners and specialized companies coordinated by Sowre, IBM is already able to provide a rich portfolio of offerings, constantly evolving it to keep up with a continuously developing market that wants more and more, and better and better.

Smarter Shelf

how the POS gets even smarter

The product flows within the store are much more complex than they may appear at a first glance. In fact, the streams of incoming customers are not always predictable and the availability of the products on the shelves has the highest priority, in order to ensure that the customers will buy.

But what happens with an empty shelf?

An empty shelf means no sale. It is therefore essential to provide for continuous monitoring and replenishment of the shelves, subject to verification by the shop personnel and to approval by the Shop manager. This procedure is manual, slow, error prone and costly. Therefore, why not try to automate this process?

Smarter Shelf is the solution that meets these needs, ensuring improved productivity of employees and minimized stock-outs of articles.

Smarter Shelf is in fact a solution capable of detecting changes in the shelf replenishment of a certain item / group of items. It is based on a technology capable of detecting movements of the body and of objects, and is integrated with event driven technology (based on IBM middleware). The solution activates business processes triggered to real time detected events.

Smarter Shelf can instantly access information on stocks to ensure the availability of products according to customer requirements. In addition, Smarter Shelf communicates easily with the data stored at the warehouse in order to obtain a constant supply of the products.

Tangible smartness

Sowre and IBM have decided to present their offer dedicated to the world of Retail by creating a special scenario that is not just a showroom for the implemented solutions, but a real exciting environment to perceive the overlap of sensory and virtual experiences, a total reality that is the new leitmotif in the Age of Web

The solutions can be visited at the IBM Forum in Segrate, Milan.

For arranging visits, mail or contact Sowre. We will be honoured to organize it for you.


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